Timber Stumps


Our stumps are hand cut and won’t be fully level. We can machine level them if you require. Cost is per stump.


We stock a wide range of timber species which all give different looks and some with some great personality and character.

These would make lovely display pieces for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, parties, for floral arrangements, stools, fireplace seats and more.
Raw cut ones are the ones which are just a tree log cut to size so will still have the bark on.
The debarked and sanded ones are the ones with a whitish appearance.
The stained and oiled ones are the ones with more of an orange tint.

Machine levelled means that the top will be level, this is the best option for bedside table, chopping blocks, seats etc.
Hand cut means that we just cut it with a chainsaw so it would not be 100% flat or level.

Diameter varies depending on stock 260 – 300mm
We can source wider diameters but this will increase the price, please enquire if you are after larger diameter.

Dimensions given are approximate and will naturally vary between each stump, as will appearance. Stumps are generally rough sanded at 36 grit. For outdoor use, we recommend an exterior coating such as Intergrain Heavy Duty.

Please note these can be made to order but each one will vary slightly. We use a variety of hardwoods.
Production times will vary depending on workload, if you need it by a certain date, please enquire first.

Stain required for exterior longevity. Unfinished timber will naturally grey with age.
Dimensions are approximate and will vary due to item being a natural product. Hardwood logs and stumps may host lyctids (powderpost beetles) and other insects. In most cases, the finish will seal them within the timber, but they can dwell in timber and emerge years later.
They pose no threat to dried timber. Treatment options can be provided upon request but they can be otherwise ignored.

Additional information

Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 600 mm

~300mm, ~450mm, ~600mm


Raw Cut, Debarked & sanded, Debarked, sanded & stained