About Us

Trees at Woodpatch Christmas tree farm in Somersby, ready for delivery to waiting clients
Trees at Woodpatch Christmas tree farm in Somersby, ready for delivery to waiting clients

Woodpatch began as a hobby for Jenni and Derek where they planted their first crop of radiata pine seedlings on their property in Somersby. These seedlings were the start of their fledging live Christmas Tree business .

Derek had read about the Christmas Tree farm in Victoria who were the first to shape and groom Radiata pine to create the perfect Christmas tree shape and became intrigued in the whole concept. Travelling to America, Derek learned first hand from various Christmas Tree farms in the US how to grow, groom and market the perfect Christmas tree.

The Woodpatch Christmas tree business was unique in that trees were pre-ordered with a 100% money back guarantee on every tree sold and were hand delivered throughout the greater Sydney area and as far away as Noosa on Queenslands Sunshine Coast. Our delivery team delivered the trees and prepared them in stands for our customers and after Christmas provided a pickup service for dead trees which were then mulched and returned back to the earth.

After a number of years and with the increasing work load of Derek in his advertising and promotional business, Jenni and Derek decided to give the Woodpatch Christmas Tree marketing system to a charity to run which unfortunately with increasing competition and other factors eventually stopped trading.

The farm at Somersby was later sold and Jenni and Derek concentrated on building their Promotional business, manufacturing local and imported promotional products.

With the experience that Jenni and Derek have gained in more than 20 years of manufacturing a variety of products both local and overseas they have decided to re-activate the Woodpatch name to deliver a range of well made and unique House and Garden products with the same passion for quality service.