Waterfall river resin table


This one has now sold.
This one was made out of a big live edge Camphor Laurel timber slab which had been cut in half and flipped so that the live edges face the middle. Then we cut out a little bit extra to create a flowing river section where the resin was poured.
The resin on this one was a layer of aqua and then layers of clear resin to create the resin part of the table tinted but see through.
After the resin had set a section of the table was cut off at an angle and then joined together to create the waterfall leg.
Two hair pin metal legs were added to the other side.
It was then finished in Tung oil.
Dimensions: 1760 x 580 wide x 870mm high

Please note that each piece we make will vary in shape and grain as each piece of timber varies. This makes your piece one of a kind and not a mass produced item.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 1760 × 600 × 900 mm