Himalayan Cedar Dining Table Top- Custom Made


Please note this was a custom order. We can make similar, however each and every piece will vary due to the use of natural timber and all being handmade.
This makes your piece a one of a kind!
Production times will vary, please enquire first.

Made out of 2 Himalayan Cedar slabs biscuit joined and will be finished in cotton white Rubio Monocoat by our customer onsite.
Features chevron legs and 2 live edges.
Also features beautiful African wenge ‘bow ties’ to help stabilise a crack in this Hilmalyan Cedar slab.
Doing it on the reverse.
A little hidden treasure, We used the wenge as we had offcuts and it is extremely hard timber. Brutal on tools, they lose their edge quickly but it’s worth it because of the exquisite pattern
Dimensions: 2500 x 1100 x 50mm