Family Name Plaque – Small


Engraving – Main Text * 

Engraving – Second Line (optional)

Add hooks to your name plaque for hanging


Custom made personalised plaques made out of camphor laurel wood and oiled.
Dimensions: approx 300 x 100mm
Laser or CNC routered letters and numbers with your choice of font styles
Prices vary depending on size of plaque and number of letters/words.
Hooks can be added for an extra $10.00, resin infill is an extra $20-$30 depending on amount of text.

We can also do custom sizes. We can also finish in Microshield or Northane, Please enquire about these finishes as they will be more costly due to the extra product and work involved but do give a more durable finish.
Please note these can be made to order but each one will vary slightly.
Production times will vary depending on workload, if you need it by a certain date, please enquire first.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 300 × 100 × 25 mm