Alphabet Chest



This beautiful custom made Alphabet chest was designed and made for a childcare centre
Each latter has been cut out by CNC router in varying sizes. This is great for kids as it is tactile and allows them to feel the letters and also visual as they can name and sound the letters.
Finished in Tung oil which has allowed the beautiful natural look of the timber to come out.
Custom chests can be made with alterations of size and style. Prices may vary.

Total cost is $780, each letter is $20 each
The box with stain is $260
The box dimensions are: 1500mm long x 400mm wide x 900mm high.
Drawers are an extra $180 each and we can add 1, 2, 3 or 4 drawers.
These are made to order.
Please note that each one will have variations of colourings and markings due to each piece of timber being different.
Production times will vary depending on workload, if you need it by a certain date, please enquire first.